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The Network Innovations Centre (NIC) is one of three major research centres within the Rince Institute (a PRTLI 1 funded national centre for excellence in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)) in Dublin City University (DCU). 

The mission of the Network Innovations Centre in the Rince Institute is to contribute to the emergence of the next generation of networks and network applications by engaging in relevant research and promoting its findings.

NIC Main Areas of Research

The Network Innovations Centre staff have expertise in a number of areas. Some of our main areas of research include:

  • Information and network security - Deep packet inspection, FPGA hardware acceleration, network processor design
  • Energy Efficient ICT - Energy proportional routing, frequency and voltage scaling, smart standby
  • Fault tolerant design - Error detection and correction in multi-core system on chip devices
  • Internet of Things - Networked embedded systems
  • Switching theory and Routing protocols
  • RF propagation modelling - Full wave methods, Asymptotic methods (Ray tracing)
  • Performance of Mobile and Wireless Communications
  • Wireless Sensor Networks - Cooperative communications, security mechanisms, low power mote design
  • Quality-oriented Adaptive Multimedia Delivery
  • Adaptive Web-based Systems
For more detail please check out some of the NIC Projects

NIC Associated Research Laboratories

  • NPG - Network Processing Group
  • PEL - Performance Engineering Lab @ DCU
  • SSL - Switching and Systems Laboratory