Key NIC Projects

Current and recent projects include:

E-Stream Enterprise Ireland – Ericsson - DCU two-year joint research program into advanced performance management technologies for mobile networks. Dr. Gabriel-Miro Muntean (DCU PEL), Dr. Xiaojun Wang (NPG), Dr. Olga Ormond (NIC), Dr. Conor McArdle.  

ECONET - low Energy COnsumption NETworks FP7 ( - EU FP7 180px-Econet-logo

This 3 year EU FP7 Network of the Future project aims at studying and exploiting dynamic adaptive technologies (based on standby and performance scaling capabilities) for wired network devices that allow saving energy when a device (or part of it) is not used. The project is devoted at re-thinking and re-designing wired network equipment and infrastructures towards more energy-sustainable and eco-friendly technologies and perspectives. The overall idea is to introduce novel green network-specific paradigms and concepts enabling the reduction of energy requirements of wired network equipment by 50% in the short to mid-term (and by 80% in the long run). To this end, the main challenge will be to design, develop and test novel technologies, integrated control criteria and mechanisms for network equipment enabling energy saving by adapting network capacities and resources to current traffic loads and user requirements, while ensuring end-to-end Quality of Service. DCU is one of 16 partners working on this project. One major outcome for the project is the ETSI STANDARD 203-237 (March 2014). For further details from the DCU team please contact Dr. Xiaojun Wang (Network Processing Group) & Dr. Martin Collier (Switching & Systems Lab).

Telecommunications Graduate Innitiative - HEA PRTL5 (

DCU is one of a consortium of seven leading Irish Universities and Institutes of Technology who set up the Telecommunications Graduate Initiative to greatly enhance the experience of students studying for PhD’s in topics related to Telecommunications. DCU hosts a number of the TGI Scholars and purpose-built TGI Educational Modules . The DCU team includes: Conor Brennan, Gabriel Muntean, Jennifer McManis, Xiaojun Wang, Martin Collier, Liam Barry, Mike Scott, Marissa Condon, Pascal Landais. For further details please contact Dr. Conor Brennan from the RF Modelling and Simulation Group.

Smart antennas in urban environments - Danny O'Hare postgraduate Scholarship

For further details please contact Dr. Conor Brennan from the RF Modelling and Simulation Group

Quality Optimization of Video Based Surveillance in a Network Constraint Environment - IRCSET & Everseen Postgraduate Enterprise Partnership. For further details please contact Dr. Gabriel-Miro Muntean from the DCU Performance Engineering Lab

Providing Energy-aware Rich Network-based Services in Strict Security Environments

Energy-aware encoding and streaming for rich media content enabled mobile devices

Content-Aware Network-Effective CCTV For the Retail Sector

Cross-layer Power Saving Solutions for Multimedia Data Transmission in Heterogeneous Wireless Environments

Research on Radio Resource Management Technology in Heterogeneous Network

Cooperative Communication and Resource Management in Cognitive Network

Network Resource Management of Next Generation Networks


High Performance Hardware Accelerators for Deep Packet Inspection with Low Power Consumption

Efficient Utilization of a Heterogeneous Collection of Computer Systems

Agile Methodologies for the Development of Multimedia Based Interactive e/m-Learning Systems

User-Centric Access Network Selection Strategy (UCANS)

Quality-oriented adaptive cluster-based spectrum reuse for multimedia streaming

Best Route Selection based on Existing Road Traffic Conditions via Mobile Ad-hoc Wireless Networks

Efficient implementation of large-scale switching networks using a multistage repackable topology

Prioritised In-Home Adaptive Multimedia-based Service Delivery Scheme

Prioritised Adaptive Multimedia Streaming Scheme

Cost-effective Quality-oriented Delivery of Multimedia Content over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Efficient wide band analysis of electromagnetic and acoustic wave-scattering problems

Efficient integral equation techniques for modelling scattering from complex perfectly conducting bodies

Wireless Sensor Networks

Modelling Ultra wide band communication systems with a 3D ray tracing propagation tool

Performance Optimisation of Components

Automated Performance Analysis of EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) Application Servers


High Performance Low-Power Hardware Accelerators for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Power Efficient Caches for High Performance Network Processors

Low Power, Parallel Compiler Optimization for High Performance Network Processors

Performance Optimization Techniques for Caching Mechanism in Network Processors

Architecture and Compiler Optimization for Power Reduction in High Performance Network Processors

Energy Efficient Network Processor Design

Architecture and Compiler Optimization for Power Reduction in High Performance Network Processors

Research on Optimized Processing in Network Processor Units for High- performance Routers

We would like to acknowledge the funding support for NIC projects from: FP7, SFI Research Frontiers, Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership Programme, Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Funds (Proof of Concept and Technology Development), SFI Secondary Teacher Assistant Researchers (STARs) Programme, SFI China-Ireland Science and Technology Collaboration Research Fund, Industry-funded projects, DCU-CSC PhD Scholarships, the IRCSET Embark Initiative (postgraduate and postdoctoral), DCU funding (including Danny O'Hare Scholarship).


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