Network Processing Group (NPG)


The Network Processing Design Group is run by Dr. Xiaojun Wang

Research Interests

  • Energy efficient ICT
  • Information and network security
  • Deep packet inspection
  • FPGA hardware acceleration for Network Security Applications
  • Data mining 
  • Energy-efficient Network Processor design
  • Internet of things
  • HDL modelling for synthesis and rapid FPGA Prototyping
  • Quantum secure communication

Research Projects (full list here)

  • Horizon 2020 project INPUT - In-Network Programmability for next-generation personal cloUd service supporT (2015-2018)
  • EU ICT COST CryptoAction (IC1306)  - Cryptography for Secure Digital Interaction (2014-2019).
  • NSFCResearch on the Theoretical Model and Key Technologies in Heterogeneous Integrated Network based on SDN
     (2015-2018). 中国自然科学基金项目-基于SDN的异构融合网络模型理论与关键技术研究
  • SFI ISCA-China (2014) SFI International Strategic Collaboration Award which also includes budget for CIICT 2014
  • PRTLI 5- TGI(2011-2015): The Telecommunications Graduate Initiative

Research Team (full list here)

  • Dr. Xiaojun Wang, Senior Lecturer, School of Electronic Engineering, DCU
  • Prof Gang Luo, Visiting researcher (Hunan University)
  • Dr Yousheng Zhou, Visiting researcher (Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
  • Mr. Feng Guo, Ph.D. researcher, MEng (2010, BUPT)
  • Mr. Khalid Javeed, Ph.D. researcher, MEEng (LU,Sweden), BCEng (CIIT, Pakistan)
  • Mr. Jie Jin PhD researcher, M.Sc (University of Southern Denmark), BEng (Hangzhou Dianzi University)

Selected publications (full list here)

  • K. Javeed, X. Wang, M. Scott, “Serial and Parallel Interleaved Modular Multipliers on FPGA Platform”, 25th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL2015), London, UK, September 2 - 4, 2015.
  • Y. Wei, X. Wang, F. Guo, H. Gabriel, C. Martin, “Energy Saving Local Control Policy for Green Reconfigurable Routers”, IEEE ICC, London, 2015, pp.1811-1815. 
  • Xiaofei Wang, Bin Liu, Junchen Jiang, Yang Xu, Yi Wang, Xiaojun Wang, “Kangaroo: Accelerating String Matching by Running Multiple Collaborative Finite State Machines”, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications - Special Issue on Deep Packet Inspection: Algorithms, Hardware, and Applications, vol. 32, no. 10, Oct. 2014­­.
  • Chen Sun, Weidong Wang, Xiaojun Wang, "Distributed 2-hop proportional fair resource allocation in LTE-Advanced networks", Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, 2014, DOI: 10.1002/wcm.2517.
  • Xing Zheng, Xiaojun Wang, “Comparative Study of Power Consumption of a NetFPGA-Based Forwarding Node in Publish-Subscribe Internet Routing”, Computer Communications, Elsevier, Volume 44, 15 May 2014, Pages 36–43.
  • B. Cronin, X. Wang, “Hardware Acceleration of Regular Expression Repetitions in Deep Packet Inspection”, IET Information Security, Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2013, p. 327 – 335, DOI: 10.1049/iet-ifs.2012.0340. (IF 0.623, SJR 0.617 Q2)
  • B. Cronin, X. Wang, “Pattern Overlap in Bit-Parallel Implementation of Regular Expression Repetition Quantifiers”, Int. J. Security and Networks, Vol. 8, No. 4, 2013, pp.231-238. DOI: 10.1504/IJSN.2013.058154, (SJR indicator: 0.954 Q1).
  • A. Kennedy, X. Wang, “Ultra-High Throughput Low-Power Packet Classification”, IEEE Trans on VLSI, vol. 22, no. 2, pp. 286 – 299, 11 Feb 2014. DoI: 10.1109/TVLSI.2013.2241798, (IF 1.218).
  • X.F. Wang, Y. Xu, J. Jiang, O. Ormond, B. Liu and X.J. Wang, “StriFA: Stride Finite Automata for High-Speed Regular Expression Matching in Network Intrusion Detection Systems”, IEEE Systems Journalvol 7, issue 2, pp. 374 – 384, Sept 2013. DOI: 10.1109/JSYST.2013.2244791, (IF 1.27) .
  • Ming Zhao, Tao Luo, Chang-chuan Yin, Guang-xin Yue, and Xiao-jun Wang, “A Novel Dynamic Spectrum Access Algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks”, Journal of Communications and Networks (JCN),Vol. 15, No. 1, Feb 2013. pp.38-44.
  • Yachao Zhou, Tian Song, Xiaojun Wang, "EABF Energy Efficient Self-Adaptive Bloom Filter for Network Packet Processing", ICC 2012.
  • Chengchen Hu, Bin Liu, Mingui Zhang, Beichuan Zhang, Xiaojun Wang, “Architectural Design of An Energy-efficient Router”, book chapter in book "Green Communications and Networking", ISBN: 978-1-4398-9913-7, CRC Press, 2012.
  • Chengchen Hu, Xiaofei Wang, Xiaojun Wang, Keqiang He, Bin Liu, Measurements on Movie Distribution Behavior in Peer-to-Peer Networks, IET Communications, Volume 6, Issue 12, p.1602–1610, 2012.
  • Xiaofei Wang, Chengchen Hu, Yi Tang, Ting Zhang, Chunming Wu, Bin Liu, Xiaojun Wang, "Parallel Length-based Matching Architecture for High Throughput Multi-Pattern Matching", Chinese Journal of Electronics, Vol.21, No.3, July 2012.
  • Xiaofei Wang, Junchen Jiang, Yi Tang, Bin Liu and Xiaojun Wang, ``StriD2FA: Scalable Regular Expression Matching for Deep Packet Inspection'',  IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2011), 5-9 June, Kyoto, Japan.
  • A. Kennedy, X.J. Wang, Z. Liu, Bin Liu, "Ultra-High Throughput String Matching  for Deep Packet Inspection", Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE 2010), 8-12 March, Dresdan, Germany.
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  • D. Bermingham, Z.Liu, X.Wang, “SimNP: A Flexible Platform for the Simulation of Network Processing System”, ACM/IEEE Symposium on Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems (ANCS2008), Nov 6-7, 2008, California, USA.
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  • X. Zhang, B. Liu, W. Li, Y. Xi, David Bermingham and X. J. Wang, “IPv6-oriented 4×OC768 Packet Classification Scheme with Deriving-Merging Partition and Field-variable Encoding Algorithm”, INFOCOM 2006, 23-29 April 2006, Barcelona, Spain.

Research opportunities

If you are interested in applying for the Government of Ireland PhD scholarship or Post-Doctoral Fellowship or the CSC-DCU PhD Scholarship to do your PhD reserach in our group, you are welcome to send your CV to me.



Energy-efficiency, Security, Network Processor Design, Hardware Acceleration, Packet Classification, Deep Packet Inspection, VHDL


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