Research team

  • Dr. Xiaojun Wang, Senior Lecturer, School of Electronic Engineering, DCU
  • Prof Gang Luo, Visiting researcher (Hunan University)
  • Dr Yousheng Zhou, Visiting researcher (Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
  • Mr. Feng Guo, Ph.D. researcher, MEng (2010, BUPT)
  • Mr. Khalid Javeed, Ph.D. researcher, MEEng (LU,Sweden), BCEng (CIIT, Pakistan)
  • Mr. Jie Jin PhD researcher, M.Sc (University of Southern Denmark), BEng (Hangzhou Dianzi University)

Former research students

  • Dr. Brendan Cronin, PhD (DCU 2014), BEng (UCC)
  • Dr. Chen Sun, PhD (DCU 2014), MEng (BUPT), BEng (BUPT)
  • Dr. Yachao Zhou, PhD (DCU 2012), MEng (Tsinghua University) BEng (BUPT)
  • Dr. Xiaofei Wang, PhD (DCU 2012), MEng (BUPT)
  • Mr. Jing Huang, MEng(DCU 2012), BSc (Wuhan University) 
  • Dr. David Bermingham, PhD (DCU, 2010)
  • Dr. Alan Kennedy, PhD (DCU, 2010)
  • Ms Li-chuan Weng, MEng (DCU, 2004)
  • Mr Liang Gao, MEng (DCU, 2004)
  • Dr. Valentin Muresan, PhD (DCU, 2002)

Former post-doctoral research fellows

  • Dr. Olga Ormond , NIC Research Officer
  • Dr Zhiguo Qu, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, (PhD BUPT).
  • Prof Yongli Tang, Visiting academic, (Postdoc Tsinghua, PhD BUPT)
  • Prof Jinxia Yu, Visiting academic, (Henan Polytechnic University)
  • Dr Yifei Wei, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, (PhD BUPT).
  • Dr Xing Zheng, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, (PhD Bangor University)
  • Dr. Xiong Huanhuan, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, (PhD Wuhan University)2010-1012.
  • Dr. Zhen Liu, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, (PhD Tshinghua University) 2007-2009.

Former visiting academics

  • Dr. Xing Zheng, Visiting Postdoc (from Hangzhou Dianzi University)
  • Dr. Tian Song Visiting research follow (from Beijing Institute of Technology)
  • Prof Sheng Zheng Visiting professor from China Three Gorges University
  • Prof Chengchen Hu Visiting professor from Xi'an Jiaotong University
  • Prof Weidong Wang Visiting professor from BUPT
  • Prof. Lingling Sun Visiting professor from Hangzhou Dianzi University
  • Prof. Xiu Jiang Visiting professor from China Three Gorges University

Former visiting researchers

  • Mr. Shushan Hu Visiting PhD researcher, (from Wuhan University)
  • Ms. Xiang Jun Shi, Visiting MEng Researcher (from BIT) 
  • Mr. Xiaowei Ma ,Visiting MEng Researcher (from BIT)
  • Mr. Wenliang Fu, Visiting PhD Researcher (from BIT)
  • Mr. Ming Zhao, Visiting PhD Researcher (from BUPT), BEng ( 2007, BUPT)