RF Modelling and Simulation Group


Our main areas of interest / expertise lie broadly in the area of computational electromagnetics and circuit modelling. We have strong links with many third level institutions who work in this area, most notably the Radio Propagation Group in Trinity College Dublin. The group is jointly run by Dr. Conor Brennan and Dr. Marissa Condon.
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Research Interests

  •   Wave propagation modelling and related problems for wireless systems
  •   Acoustic wave propagation modelling
  •   Acceleration methods for integral equation analysis of scattering and antenna  problems
  •   Asymptotic methods for scattering and antenna problems
  •   Efficient time and frequency domain analysis of high frequency circuits
  •   Modelling and simulation of interconnects
  •   Simulation of nonlinear circuits
  •   Power Systems
  •   Power system transient analysis
  •   Electrical load forecasting
  •   Power Electronics

Research Projects

  • SFI Research Frontiers 2005: “Efficient wide band analysis of electromagnetic and acoustic wave-scattering problems” (PI: Dr. Conor Brennan)
  • IRCSET Embark Innitiative 2005: “Efficient integral equation techniques for modelling scattering from complex perfectly conducting bodies” (PI: Dr. Conor Brennan)
  • Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund (Technology Development) 2004: “Wireless Sensor Networks” (PI: Dr. Martin Collier, Collaborator: Dr. Conor Brennan)
  • IRCSET Embark Innitiative 2004: “Modelling Ultra wide band communication systems with a 3D ray tracing propagation tool” (PI: Dr. Conor Brennan)

Research Team

  • Dr. Conor Brennan Lecturer, School of Electronic Engineering, DCU
  • Dr. Marissa Condon Lecturer, School of Electronic Engineering, DCU
  • Mr. Dung Trinh PhD researcher, BEng (2010, DCU)
  • Mr. Vinh Pham-Xuan PhD researcher



Recent Publications

  • J. Diskin and C. Brennan, “Accelerated ray-tracing for indoor Ultra wideband propagation modelling”, IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, April 22-25, 2007, Dublin, Ireland.

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Maxwells equations, propagation characteristics and modeling, network/cell planning, micro-strip antennas, scattering, ray tracing, integral equations, cooperative relaying, MIMO, location finding (triangulation, radio mapping), RFID.


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